On Deck Working Dog Gear and K9 Kravers

On Deck K9 Kravers

Crazy good bite size training treats that are almost good enough for you to nibble on. From basic obedience to hardcore tracking, and everything in between if you have not tried these treats both you and your dog are missing out. They make them crazy!!!

  • NO MORE stinky hands
  • NO MORE moldy pocket from forgetting you had treats in there
  • NO MORE mush in your hand
  • NO MORE crumbling treats!

These treats are almost as addictive as crack! If you love your dog you have to buy K9 Kravers! 


Welcome to On Deck Working Dog Gear! Also Home of K9 Kravers! We are dedicated to making quality products for your working dog. We have rolled out our Plyotec leashes, and long lines which are perfect for protection work and wont weather like leather.


We promise to only send you good things.