On Deck Working Dog Gear and K9 Kravers

On Deck Working Dog Gear was founded by Lisa Simmons, mother of six and avid working dog enthusiast.  Each product is handmade by Lisa and her family in their home just south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A few years ago Lisa got her first working dog, and American Bulldog named Cano.  As Cano got bigger, Lisa found that if she didn’t wear heavy gloves when using traditional leather leashes her hands would get what’s often referred to as “leash burn”.  This problem only got worse if the leather line got wet.  After doing a lot of research Lisa found a new way to make a better, waterproof, super strong leash that was not like any leash you could buy at a pet store.

Working with trainers from all over the world we continues to find innovative new ways to address the fundamental issues in traditional working dog gear.  The Koa Whip, for example is an evolution of a European decoy whip that’s reinforces the flex points where typical sticks break down the fastest.

Within three days of launching our Facebook page we were sold out of over 200ft of leash material and we’ve been going strong ever since!


Welcome to On Deck Working Dog Gear! Also Home of K9 Kravers! We are dedicated to making quality products for your working dog. We have rolled out our Plyotec leashes, and long lines which are perfect for protection work and wont weather like leather.


We promise to only send you good things.