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Plyotec Waterproof Dog Leash

The answer to what ails you?  Plyotec!

At On Deck Working Dogs Gear we know your dog demands the toughest, most rugged training materials available.  This is why we use Plyotec.  Plyotec was designed with toughness in mind.  Engineered for all conditions it is waterproof, heatproof, and ice proof.  With its impressive coated webbed construction it can withstand the immense pressures and tensions your dog transfers through the line.  Perfectly designed and with handling in mind, every Plyotec leash is dipped uniformly in a PVC coating that not only adds to the strength of the leash but helps protect your once cut, dry, or calloused hands!  This makes your protection work now as much fun for you as it does your dog!  No more leash burns!

With break strength exceeding 1000-3000lb Plyotec in undoubtedly perfect for working dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds!   You can confidently take your dog to the lake or beach without worrying about drying out your leash afterward.  Let your four-legged friend drag it through the mud, ice or dirt guilt free.  It does not absorb a drop of water. Even those stubborn burs and thorns along the trail steer clear of Plyo-tec which makes it ideal for Search and Rescue applications!

Not a working dog owner? No worries! Plyotec is the clear choice for any dog owner who simply wants a maintenance free leash that doesn’t stain or crack like leather and vinyl and stands apart from other mass produced, run of the mill webbing leashes.


Welcome to On Deck Working Dog Gear! Also Home of K9 Kravers! We are dedicated to making quality products for your working dog. We have rolled out our Plyotec leashes, and long lines which are perfect for protection work and wont weather like leather.


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